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     Posted some new stuff on my VIMEO site

     Here are few new pieces I have been wanting to share.








    Here is my latest work in progress:

    you can follow along my progress at CGTALK

                                                   click on image to see full size


    Hello and welcome to my website, where you can checkout all of my past, present projects and current news about myself.

    This is a showreel of some of the work I have completed in past and current side projects and interesting stuff to me.  I most recently completed 2 games for the Yoostar franchise in Santa Monica, Ca and it was great experience where I was the Lead Painter and Effects artist, using both 2d and 3d effects in game.

     Also I have worked as a lead enviroment artist for clients around the world involving shorts, commercials, presentations and even court cases.

    I am very passionate about the field of CG as I consider my self a great modeler and texture artist, with a love of bringing projects from begining to end with lighting, compositing and all other aspects.  I love working in CG and find new stuff everyday that I want to placy with.

    I am currently busy working from my own studio currently but am always looking for the next oppurtunity and would love speaking to anyone in field.

    If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at or see where I am having drinks at

    Daniel Najera



    Thank you,

    Daniel M. Najera

    here is a update to my teapot scene:


    Here is a peek of something new I am working on a Greek Column.  More images in my 3d finished section